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Kubernetes probe

With the proliferation of custom resources & operators, especially in the case of stateful applications, the steady-state is manifested as status parameters/flags within Kubernetes resources. K8s Probe addresses verification of the desired resource state by allowing users to define the Kubernetes GVR (group-version-resource) with appropriate filters (field selectors/label selectors). The experiment makes use of the Kubernetes Dynamic Client to achieve this. The probe supports following CRUD operations:

Prometheus probe

Prometheus probe allows users to run Prometheus queries and match the resulting output against specific conditions. The intent behind this probe is to allow users to define metrics-based SLOs in a declarative way and determine the experiment verdict based on its success. The probe runs the query on a Prometheus server defined by the endpoint, and checks whether the output satisfies the specified criteria. A PromQL query needs to be provided, whose outcome is then used for the probe validation.