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Bring Your Own Custom Chaos Faults


BYOC (Bring Your Own Chaos) is a feature in HCE that allows users to create custom chaos experiments. This feature enables users to define their own chaos experiments and execute them using the HCE platform. The BYOC feature is designed to be flexible and easy to use, allowing users to define their own chaos experiments using a simple YAML specification.

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BYOC Injector

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BYOC injector provides a way to execute custom chaos faults.

Use cases
  • Validates the resilience of an application by introducing custom faults in critical service dependencies and observing the impact on overall system functionality.
  • Injects custom faults to simulate disaster scenarios, ensuring that the application's disaster recovery procedures are effective and efficient.
  • Implements custom faults to verify that the system meets compliance and regulatory requirements under adverse conditions, such as data corruption or service outages.
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