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Harness CE free plan

Harness is the industry’s first software delivery platform to use AI to simplify your DevOps processes—CI, CD, GitOps, Feature Flags, Cloud Costs, Chaos Engineering, and much more.

Harness offers a free hosted LitmusChaos for those who are trying to get started with LitmusChaos, and also for those who are getting started with Chaos Engineering (CE) in general. The Harness CE free plan is a free-forever plan that has features equivalent to LitmusChaos, and also bundles Harness platform features such as RBAC and hosted logging—all for free.

Sign up at to get started with a free plan for either the hosted Harness CE or the hosted LitmusChaos.


The Harness CE free plan replaces New signups are not being accepted at Users on that platform are advised to move to the Harness CE free plan before August 31, 2023. For free support on migration, contact Harness Support.

Migration for existing LitmusCloud users

If you're an existing user in, you'll need to migrate your chaos infrastructure by August 31, 2023. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect your Litmus chaos infrastructure.

  2. Create an account in Harness. If you already have an account, then navigate to the Chaos module.

  3. Connect the chaos infrastructure in Harness.