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This topic describes the HCE versions and how to get started.

Before you begin

Steps to execute a HCE experiment

To create a chaos experiment, complete the following steps:

  1. Fulfill the resource requirements: In this step, you can create resources or get the required permissions to create the necessary resources.
  2. Add an environment: A chaos experiment is performed within a chaos environment that houses the necessary infrastructure.
  3. Add a chaos infrastructure: The required chaos infrastructure is created within a chaos environment.
  4. Validate the chaos infrastructure installation: Once you create your chaos infrastructure, ensure that it has been created in the right manner.
  5. Create a demo application: You can either create a demo application or use your application on which you can execute chaos experiments.
  6. Create and run a chaos experiment: Once you have set up your application, you can decide which resources to target and execute the chaos experiments on.

Automated and guided onboarding

  1. To get hands-on experience executing chaos experiments, navigate to the Chaos module and select Overview. Select Select a cluster, where you can choose between automatic and customizable onboarding.

  1. If you choose Yes, in a single step!, go to automated onboarding, and if you choose No, I will choose, go to guided onboarding.

Next steps