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Export Chaos Experiments

Chaos experiments can be exported to save them for later use. Although simply creating or running an experiment using the Chaos Studio saves it to be later accessed through the Chaos Experiments sidebar option, you can also download the experiment as a manifest file to your machine or save it in any ChaosHub.

Download Experiment Manifest File

To download the manifest file for an experiment, select the Chaos Experiments sidebar option. Here you can access all the experiments that have been only created or have been run in the past.

To export an experiment, select the icon against the name of the experiment and select Download Experiment. This will download the experiment file to your machine.

Download Experiment Manifest

You can directly upload this manifest file while creating a new experiment to use it as a template for the new experiment. Otherwise, a better way to save, manage, and distribute the experiments as templates is using ChaosHub.

Add Experiment to ChaosHub

To add an experiment to ChaosHub, again select the icon against the name of the experiment and select Add to Chaos Hub. Then, add an experiment name, optionally a description and a category tag, and lastly choose the ChaosHub to add the experiment to from the list of added ChaosHubs.

Add Experiment to ChaosHub

Select Save. Now, you should be able to see this experiment added to your ChaosHub. You can access it and use it as a template for your new experiments.

Added Experiment to Hub