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Set default codebase

You can configure your Harness pipelines to build, test, and deploy code from your Harness Code repositories.

Set a pipeline's default codebase to a Harness Code repo

When creating or editing a pipeline, you can set the default codebase to a Harness Code repository.

  1. Edit the pipeline's Codebase settings.
  2. For Select Git Provider, select Harness.
  3. Enter your Repository Name.

Build and test code from a Harness Code repo

Build (CI) stages usually use the pipeline's default codebase. For more information about codebase configuration for the Harness CI module, go to the CI documentation on configuring a codebase.

Deploy services from a Harness Code repo

For details about codebase configuration for services and the Harness CD module, go to the CD documentation, such as the documentation for deploying services.

Automate builds and deployments

You can set up triggers to automatically run builds or deployments in response to push events in your Harness Code repositories.