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Create PRs

Pull requests (PRs) foster collaboration within your team, ensuring code changes go through required reviews, approvals, and checks before being merged to the base branch.

Create a pull request

  1. In your repository, go to Pull Requests and select New Pull Request.

  2. Select the base branch and the compare branch, which is the branch that you want to merge into the base branch.

  3. You can edit the Title and enter a Description.

  4. If this PR is ready for review, select Create pull request.

    To save a PR as a draft, select the dropdown next to Create pull request, and then select Create draft pull request.

  5. Request reviews and then merge the PR.


You can also create PRs by comparing branches and when committing changes.

Close a pull request

If you decide a pull request is invalid or not ready for review, you can close it.

  1. In your repository, go to Pull Requests, and select the PR you want to close.
  2. Select the dropdown next to Squash and merge, and select Close pull request.
  3. Select Close pull request again to confirm the closure.

To reopen the PR, select Open for review.