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Review PRs

After creating a PR, you can request review from one or more reviewers within your organization. Once approved by the reviewers, you can merge the PR.

Assign reviewers

To request PR reviews from other users in your Harness project.

  1. In your repository, go to Pull Requests, and select your PR.

  2. On the Conversation tab, in the Reviewers section, select Add.

  3. Select the user that you want to assign as a reviewer.

    To remove a reviewer, select More options () next to the reviewer's name, and then select Remove.


When reviewers leave comments on your PR, you can reply and resolve comments on either the Conversation or Changes tabs.

Submit reviews

When you review a PR, you can leave feedback, request changes, or approve the PR.

  1. In Harness Code, go to the repository where you need to review a pull request.

  2. Go to Pull Requests, and select the PR you need to review.

  3. Select each tab to inspect the PR.

    • Conversation: Read the PR description, comment history (including code comments), commit activity, and all other activity on the PR.
    • Changes: Review the aggregated, latest code changes in the PR and add line-by-line comments. Select the + icon to comment on a specific line.
      • Mark files as Viewed to collapse the diff. This setting persists across sessions and machines. Files marked as viewed remain viewed/collapsed even if you open the PR on a different machine, browser, or refreshed/new browser session.
      • If a file is changed after you mark it as viewed, the file is marked as Change since last viewed, so you don't have to manually check for changes to viewed files.
      • Harness Code also tracks file deletions and additions. If a file was deleted in a PR, and you marked it as viewed, if that file is later restored in the PR, Harness Code marks the file appropriately so you can review it in its restored state.
    • Commits: Inspect commits included in this PR. This is useful if you need to trace the PR's change history across commits.
    • Checks: Inspect the results of status checks for the PR.
      • Harness pipelines triggered by PR creation or updates automatically report the pipeline run status on the PR.
      • Status checks can also be reported by custom webhooks.
      • Depending on the repository's branch rules, passing status checks might be required to merge the PR.
  4. Make a decision on the PR:

    • Approve: If everything looks good, you can select Approve to approve the PR for merge.
    • Request changes: To request changes, select the dropdown next to Approve and select Request changes.