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Terraform how-tos

Harness has first-class support for HashiCorp Terraform as an infrastructure provisioner.

See the following Terraform How-tos:

For a conceptual overview of Harness Terraform integration, see Terraform Provisioning with Harness.

Important: Install Terraform on Delegates

Terraform must be installed on the Delegate to use a Harness Terraform Provisioner. You can install Terraform manually or use the INIT_SCRIPT environment variable in the Delegate YAML.

See Build custom delegate images with third-party tools.

Target OS and architecture

You will need to change the following scripts based on the operating system and architecture of the machine that is running the delegate.

  • Linux on x86(Intel or AMD): linux_amd64
  • Linux on Arm: linux_arm64
  • MacOs on x86(Intel): darwin_amd64
  • MacOs on ARM(Apple): darwin_arm64

Custom delegate image

The recommended method for installing third party tools on your delegate is to create your own delegate image, push it to a container registry, and then to modify your delegate deployments to use your new custom image.

For more information, go to Build custom delegate images with third-party tools.

ARG DELEGATE_TAG=23.03.78705
ARG DELEGATE_IMAGE=harness/delegate


RUN useradd -u 1001 -g 0 harness

# Install TF
RUN curl -LO \
&& unzip -q \
&& mv ./terraform /usr/bin/ \
&& terraform --version

USER 1001

Init script

Alternatively, you can install Terraform when a delegate pod is launched by specifying an initialization script in the delegate YAML INIT_SCRIPT environment variable.

# Install TF  
microdnf install unzip
curl -O -L
mv ./terraform /usr/bin/

# Check TF install
terraform --version


Download Terraform from Hashicorp.