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CET Audit trail

Your Harness account Audit Trail includes events for CET changes.

CET events in the Audit Trail

To access the Audit Trail, in your Harness project, navigate to Account Settings > Audit Trail.

The Account Audit Trail page is displayed.

The Account Audit Trail includes the following CET events:

  • User activity such as login
  • Creation, revocation, or deletion of CET Agent Tokens
  • Edits, updates, or deletions of critical events

Each event in the Account Audit Trail list provides the following details:

  • Action: Describes the specific activity, such as logging in or deleting.
  • Resource name and type: Identifies the resource type and its name where the event occurred. For example, monitored service, agent, or user.
  • Organization and project: Name of the organization and the project in which the event occurred.

When you click on a resource name, you will be directed to the corresponding event page. For instance, clicking on an Agent Token resource will take you to the Agent Token listing page, while clicking on a Monitored Service resource will redirect you to the monitored services listing page.

Event summary page

To see more information about a particular event, select the messaging icon next to it. The Event Summary page appears, displaying the following information:

  • Date and time when the event occurred.
  • Username associated with the event.
  • Details of the activity. For example, an update.
  • Type and name of the resource.

You can also see a snapshot of changes in YAML format by expanding YAML Difference.