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Run a Script in a CI Stage

The Build stage Run step can be used to run scripts in your CI stages.

The Run step pulls in a Docker image such as the Docker image for Maven. Then you run a script such asmvn package with the tool. You can use any Docker image from any public or private Docker registry.

This topic describes how to run a simple script in a CI stage.

Before You Begin

To go through this workflow, you need the following:

Step 1: Create the CI Stage

In your Harness Pipeline, click Add Stage and then click CI.

Step 2: Add the Codebase

Do one of the following:

  • If this is the first CI stage in the Pipeline, in the CI stage settings enable Clone Codebase.
  • If you have an existing Pipeline with a CI stage, click Codebase. See Edit Codebase Configuration.

Step 3: Define the Build Farm Infrastructure

In the CI stage Infrastructure, define the build farm for the codebase. See Set Up Build Infrastructure.

Step 4: Configure the Run Step

In the Execution tab, click Add step and then click Run.

The Run step executes one or more commands on the image you added from any public or private Docker registry.

In Container Registry, select a Connector to a container registry for the image needed to run your script. For example, if you are running a cURL script in this step, you might add or select a Connector to DockerHub so Harness can pull the image for cURL.

In Image, enter the name of the image to pull and run for this step. For example, if you are running a cURL script, you might use curlimages/curl:7.73.0.

In Commands, you enter the script you want to run on the container.

See Run Step Settings.

Step 5: Run the Pipeline

Now you can run your Pipeline. You simply need to select the codebase.

  1. Click Save and Publish.

  2. Click Run. The Pipeline Inputs settings appear.

  3. In CI Codebase, click Git branch.

  4. In Git Branch, enter the name of the branch where the codebase is, such as a master.

  5. Click Run Pipeline.

Example: View a Test Report

Once the Pipeline is executed in CI, Click Tests. The Tests show the test report of the unit test that you configured and ran. 

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