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View tests

Your pipelines can run tests in Run and Run Tests steps.

To publish test results, set the Report Paths setting in the relevant Run or Run Tests step.

If the test reports are in JUnit XML format, you can review test reports on the Tests tab on the Build details page.

If you enabled Test Intelligence for your unit tests, the Tests tab contains information unique to Test Intelligence.

You can also publish reports to the Artifacts tab. For example, you can Publish an Allure Report to the Artifacts tab.

Troubleshooting: Test suites incorrectly parsed

The parsed test report in the Tests tab comes strictly from the provided test reports. Test reports must be in JUnit XML format to appear on the Tests tab, because Harness parses test reports that are in JUnit XML format only. It is important to adhere to the standard JUnit format to improve test suite parsing. For more information, go to Format test reports.