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Create a Project

Before you can create a Feature Flag, you need to create a Project in the Harness platform. A Feature Flag is available only for the Project the Flag is created in, so you need to create any Flags in each Project you want to use them for.

This topic describes how to create a Project in the Harness Platform. 

To read more about the Harness Platform, go to Harness Platform.

Before you begin

Before you create a Feature Flag, you must have Created an Organization. It's also useful to know about how Access Control works in Harness, to learn more about this, go to Manage Access Control.

Create a Project

  1. In Harness, click Feature Flags and click Create Project.
A screenshot of the Harness Platform that highlights the Create Project button in the Feature Flag module.

Figure 1: Create a Project in Feature Flags

  1. In About the Project, in Name, enter the name for your project and select a color for it.
  2. In the Organization drop-down menu, select the Organization for your Project. If you need to create a new Organization, go to Create a Harness Organization and Projects and Organizations.
  3. Click Save and Continue.
A screenshot of the About the Project form.

Figure 2: About the Project form

  1. (Optional) In Invite Collaborators, in Invite People to Collaborate, add team members to the Project.
  2. (Optional) Assign a role to the collaborators and click Add. The roles you can select are:
  • Project Viewer
  • Project Admin
  • Pipeline Executer
  • Gitops Admin Role
  • Feature Flag Manage Role

For more information about the permissions for each role, go to Manage Access Control and Permissions Reference.

  1. Click Save and Continue. Your Project is created.
A screenshot of the Invite Collaborators form when creating a Project.

Figure 3: Invite Collaborators screen

  1. In your Project, click Feature Flags.

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