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Create an Environment

Once you've created a Project, you need to create an Environment before you create a Feature Flag. Feature Flags can be used independently across multiple Environments within a single Project, for example:

  • In Project X you have two Environments, Environment_A and Environment_B.
  • You create Flag_1.
  • In Environment_A you could have Flag_1 toggled on, but in Environment_B, Flag_1 is toggled off.

A side by side screenshot that shows the same Flag in two environments. One is toggled on and one is toggled off.  Figure 1: Flag_1 in different Environments

This topic describes how to create an Environment in the Harness platform. 

To read more about the Harness Platform, see Harness Platform.

Before you begin

Before you create a Feature Flag, you must have:

  1. Created an Organization
  2. Created a Project

Create an Environment

  1. In your Project, in Environments, click Create an Environment.
  2. Enter a Name for your Environment.
  3. Select the Environment type and click Create.
A screenshot of the Create an Environment form.

Figure 2: Create an Environment form

  1. Your environment is created and you can find it listed in Environments.

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