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Create a New Subscription

This topic describes how to subscribe to Feature Flags through the Harness Platform. Currently, you can subscribe only to Feature Flags through the Harness Platform if you are a self-serve customer. If you are an enterprise customer, or if you want to add other modules to your account, contact our Sales team.

Note: If you haven’t signed up for a Harness account yet, go to and click Sign Up. 

Subscribe to Feature Flags

To add or upgrade your Feature Flag subscription:

  1. On the Harness Platform, go to Account Settings.
  2. Click Subscriptions. All the available modules are shown.
  3. Click Feature Flags, then click Plans. You can see an outline of all the available Feature Flag subscription plans.
  4. Select the plan you want to subscribe to by clicking Upgrade.A screenshot of the Plans screen with three panels that review the differences between each plan and an option to upgrade.

Figure 1: The Subscriptions screen for Feature Flags

  1. Select how many developers and how many monthly active users (MAUs) you want to use. For both of these, we recommend an amount based on your previous usage and predicted growth, but you can adjust the amount if necessary.
  2. Based on the number of developers and MAUs you select, you can view the price preview in either a yearly or monthly format.The pop up box with sliding scales for selecting the number of MAUs and developers you want to add to your subscription.Figure 2: Selecting your planThis price doesn’t include tax, tax is calculated after you enter your billing details.
  3. Enter your billing information. It’s important to add the correct Zip code as this is how we calculate your tax. This can take up to 10 seconds to calculate.
  4. Enter your payment information and review your order. When you’re happy with your order, click Subscribe and Pay.