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Add a prerequisite to a flag

A Prerequisite is a Feature Flag that you add as a dependency to another Feature Flag. That dependency must be met before that second Feature Flag can be toggled ON or OFF. For example, if you have a flag that allows users to write Java, the user must be able to read the Java first. Therefore, you add a Prerequisite to the Write_Java flag that says the Read_Java flag must be enabled before the Write_Java flag can be toggled on. 


At present, Harness currently does not support nested prerequities as this functionality is not currently supported.

Add a Prerequisite

  1. Go to the Feature Flag you want to add the Prerequisite to.

  2. Select + New Prerequisite.

    A screenshot of the Write_Java Flag with the Prerequisites button highlighted.

  3. In Add Prerequisites, click + Prerequisites.

  4. In the first drop-down menu, select the flag you want to use as a Prerequisite.

  5. In the second drop-down, select which Variation of the Prerequisite flag must be served before the Feature Flag can be turned on.

    For the example below, the Read_Java flag must be set to True before this flag can be enabled.

  6. Select Save. The Prerequisite flag is listed on the Feature Flag page and must be met before you can turn on the Feature Flag.

    "A screenshot of the Prerequisite flag added to the Write_Java flag.