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5 - Azure ACR to AKS Troubleshooting

This content is for Harness FirstGen. Switch to NextGen.The following troubleshooting steps should help address common issues.

Failed to pull image

Kubernetes might fail to pull the Docker image set up in your Service:

Event  : Pod   harness-example-deployment-6b8794c59-2z99v   Error: ErrImagePull   Failed  
Event : Pod harness-example-deployment-6b8794c59-2z99v Failed to pull image
"": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon:
Get unauthorized: authentication required Failed

This is caused by the createImagePullSecret setting set to false in the values.yaml file in Service Manifests.

To fix this, set the createImagePullSecret setting set to true, as described in Modify ImagePullSecret:

createImagePullSecret: true

Next Steps