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Connect to Your Artifact Build and Deploy Pipeline Platforms

You need to set up the following common Harness account-level component, before creating Harness Application containing your Artifact Build and Deploy Workflows and Pipelines:

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Before You Begin

Step 1: Install a Harness Delegate

The Harness Delegate is a service you run in your local network or VPC to connect all of your artifact, infrastructure, collaboration, verification, and other providers with the Harness Manager.

As explained in Harness Key Concepts, when you set up Harness for the first time, you install a Harness Delegate in your target infrastructure (for example, Kubernetes cluster, ECS cluster, EC2 subnet, Pivotal Cloud Foundry space, etc). Once the Delegate is installed, you can set up the resources and model your release process.

The Delegate performs all deployment operations. To do so, it needs network connectivity to your artifact server, such as Jenkins, and your cloud deployment environment, such as a Kubernetes cluster or AWS. Also, the roles associated with the Delegate must have the policies needed to perform its operations.

For detailed information on installing Harness Delegates, see Manage Harness Delegates.

Step 2: Create an Artifact Server

After installing the Delegate, create an Artifact Server in Harness to connect to Jenkins or any other artifact server that you use. Provide the necessary credentials when you set up the Artifact Server.

For detailed information on creating an Artifact Server, see Add Artifact Servers.

Step 3: Create a Cloud Provider

After installing the Delegate, you also need to create a Cloud Provider in Harness to connect to your target deployment environment. For some Cloud Providers, such as Kubernetes Cluster and AWS, the Cloud Providers can assume the credentials assigned to the Delegate.

For more information on creating a Cloud Provider, see Add Cloud Providers.

Now that your Harness account-level components are set up, you can build your Harness Application containing your Artifact Build and Deploy Workflows and Pipelines.

Next Steps