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When Does Harness Verify Deployments?

This topic covers Harness' two complementary verification components, Deployment Verification and 24/7 Service Guard.

Short- and Long-Term Verification

Harness' Continuous Verification enables you to verify your services' health over two timeframes. At deployment time, Harness' Deployment Verification feature validates your artifacts, and then validates the individual service instances to which you've deployed.

Over the long term, Harness' 24/7 Service Guard feature continuously validates your service as a whole.

You can use both or either of these verification types. Both types use the Verification Providers you set up in Harness.

Deployment Verification

Deployment Verification verifies the first 15 minutes of deployments. Deployment verification is set up using a Harness Workflow.

For an excellent example of Deployment Verification, see the Harness Blog post, How Rolls Back Production in 32 Seconds.

Video Webinar

This video Webinar covers how Harness Continuous Delivery leverages unsupervised machine learning to verify production deployments, based on users' APM and log data.

24/7 Service Guard

Harness' 24/7 Service Guard feature verifies your live, production application continuously. You set up 24/7 Service Guard verification in a Harness Environment.

Video Summary

Here's a 2-minute video summary of how 24/7 Service Guard works:

24/7 Service Guard in Depth

For an introduction to 24/7 Service Guard's uses cases and design, see the Harness Blog post, Harness 24/7 Service Guard Empowers Developers with Total Operational Control.

For further details about how to use 24/7 Service Guard in combination with other Harness capabilities, see the 24/7 Service Guard Overview topic.

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