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Connect to Prometheus

The first step in using Prometheus with Harness is to set up a Prometheus Verification Provider in Harness.

A Harness Verification Provider is a connection to monitoring tools such as Prometheus. Once Harness is connected, you can use Harness 24/7 Service Guard and Deployment Verification with your Prometheus data and analysis.

Before You Begin

Step 1: Add Prometheus Verification Provider

To add Prometheus as a Verification Provider, do the following:

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Connectors, and then click Verification Providers.
  3. Click Add Verification Provider, and select Prometheus. The Add Prometheus Verification Provider dialog appears.

Step 2: URL

Enter the URL of the server.

You cannot use a Grafana URL.

Step 3: Display Name

Enter a display name for the provider. If you are going to use multiple providers of the same type, ensure you give each provider a different name.

Step 4: Usage Scope

If you want to restrict the use of a provider to specific applications and environments, do the following:

In Usage Scope, click the drop-down under Applications, and click the name of the application.

In Environments, click the name of the environment.

Next Steps