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Select Kubernetes Namespaces based on InfraMapping

Hardcoding the namespaces in Harness Service manifests forces you to have separate Services for each namespace.

Instead of setting namespaces in the manifests in a Harness Service, you can use a Harness variable expression to reference Kubernetes namespaces in Harness Infrastructure Definitions. When a Workflow is run, the namespace in the Infrastructure Definition is applied to all manifests in the Service.

This allows you to set up a single Harness Kubernetes Service to be used with multiple namespaces.

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Before You Begin

Step 1: Add the Namespace Expression

  1. In your Harness Kubernetes Service, click values.yaml.
  2. In the namespace key, use the variable expression ${infra.kubernetes.namespace}:
namespace: ${infra.kubernetes.namespace}

In a manifest file for the Kubernetes Namespace object, use the namespace value like this:

apiVersion: v1  
kind: Namespace
name: {{.Values.namespace}}

If you omit the namespace key and value from a manifest in your Service, Harness automatically uses the namespace you entered in the Harness Environment Infrastructure Definition settings Namespace field.The Harness variable ${infra.kubernetes.namespace} refers to the namespace entered in the Harness Environment Infrastructure Definition settings Namespace field.

Step 2: Enter the Namespace in the Infrastructure Definition

  1. In each Infrastructure Definition Namespace setting, enter the namespace you want to use.

When the Service using ${infra.kubernetes.namespace} is deployed, Harness will replace ${infra.kubernetes.namespace} with the value entered in the Infrastructure Definition Namespace setting, creating a Kubernetes Namespace object using the name.

Next, Harness will deploy the other Kubernetes objects to that namespace.

Next Steps