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Disable Triggers for an entire Application

Currently, this feature is behind the feature flag SPG_ALLOW_DISABLE_TRIGGERS. Contact Harness Support to enable the feature.By default, Triggers can be added and run on Harness Application Workflows and Pipelines.

In some cases, you might want to disable Triggers across the entire Application to ensure that none of its Workflow or Pipelines are run.

This topic describes how to disable all Triggers for an Application.

Disable Triggers in the Harness Manager

To disable all Triggers, you simply enable the Disable Triggers setting in the Application settings:

  1. In your Application, click more options (⋮).

  2. Select Disable Triggers.

  3. Click Submit.

The Triggers section of the Application is now hidden.

If another User in your another tries to create a new Trigger before their UI is updated, they will see the error Invalid request: Triggers are disabled for the application [Application Name].

For example:

Any Triggers can still be viewed in the Application YAML, but they cannot be run in the manager.

Disable Triggers using Harness GraphQL API

You can use the disableTriggers: Boolean field of the Application object to enable or disable Triggers for an Application.

For example, here is the mutation and variables for a new Application that disables Triggers.


mutation createapp($app: CreateApplicationInput!) {  
createApplication(input: $app) {
application {

Query variables:

"app": {
"clientMutationId": "myapp22",
"name": "AMI App",
"description": "Application to deploy AMIs",
"disableTriggers": true

You can see the new Application does not have Triggers enabled: