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Add a Workflow

This topic outlines how to set up a Workflow.

Before You Begin

Before adding a workflow, you should have an understanding of the following:

Visual Summary

Step: Workflow Setup

The following steps cover the common Workflow setup. To add a Workflow, do the following:

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click the Application where you want to put the Workflow.
  3. Click Workflows.
  4. Click Add Workflow. The Workflow dialog appears.
  5. Give your Workflow a name and description that tells users its purpose. For example, if the Workflow takes a service with a Docker artifact and deploys it to a Kubernetes environment in GCP, you might name the workflow docker-to-k8s-GCP.
  6. In Workflow Type, select the type of Workflow you want to perform. For a summary of the types, see Workflow Types below.
  7. In Environment, select the environment where you want to deploy the service. Select from the environments you added in Add an Environment.
  8. In Service, select the service you want to deploy.
  9. In Infrastructure Definition, select the Infrastructure Definition where you want the Workflow to deploy the Service.
  10. Click SUBMIT. The Workflow is created. Here is an example of a Basic Deployment.

If this is a Basic Deployment, you might need to update one step before using the Workflow. For example, in the figure above, the Upgrade Containers step requires attention. In the case of other deployment types, there might be additional steps to configure.

Next Steps

For platform and strategy-specific Workflow configurations, see the topics in Continuous Deployments.