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Install Workflow Step

The Install step runs the command scripts in your Harness SSH and IIS Services on the target host.


The Install step is added in the Basic Workflow as part of its Deploy Service section.

The Install step is used after the Select Nodes step, which select the target nodes on which to run the Install step.

The following image shows the Install step in the deployed Workflow and its corresponding Service commands and scripts.

Not Seeing the Install Step in a Workflow?

Install commands are added in a Harness SSH Service, and then used in a Harness Workflow that uses the Service.

When you create the SSH Service, you select an Artifact Type. For all of the non-Docker artifact types (ZIP, TAR, etc), the Install command is added to the Service automatically.

When that Service is used by a Workflow, the Install Workflow step is added automatically.

SSH Service with Docker Image Artifact Type

For SSH Services using the Docker Image artifact type, the Install command is not added. Consequently, there will be no Install step available in the Workflow using that Service.

To overcome this limitation, in the SSH Service using the Docker Image artifact type, click Add Command, and then select Install in Command Type.

Next, in the Install command you just added to the Service, click Add, and select a Docker script.

Now, when you use this Service to a Workflow, the Install step is added to the Workflow.


The default name is Install.


This setting cannot be edited.


You can use:

  • **w**  for weeks
  • **d**  for days
  • **h**  for hours
  • **m**  for minutes
  • **s**  for seconds
  • **ms** for milliseconds