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Drift Detection with IaCM

Drift is when the resources in the target environment differ from those in the Terraform state file. This can happen if a manual change occurred (for example - a user changed a resource directly in the management console and not via Terraform). Harness IaCM helps to detect drift and simplifies the process of reconciling - usually using a provisioning pipeline that will ensure that the configuration in git is applied correctly and ensures no discrepancies between the git configuration, the state file, and the resources in the target environment.

To detect drift, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Pipeline with an Infrastructure as Code Management stage, as described here
  2. Choose a Workspace or set it as a runtime input
  3. Select "Detect Drift" when prompted to choose operation


  1. To schedule drift detection regularly, define a cron trigger for the pipeline

When executed, the pipeline will fail if drift is detected, and you will be able to see the drift in the following areas:

In the pipeline If you go to the "Resources" tab, the "Drift Changes" section will outline all the resources where the drift was detected. Clicking on each resource will highlight which attribute has drifted


In the Workspace When drift is detected, the resources will go into a "Drifted" mode Under the "Resources" tab, you will be able to see which resources are in drift


Clicking on each resource will highlight which attribute drifted


Drift detection during resource provisioning

Harness IaCM can also detect drift during a provisioning operation. If during execution, IaCM identifies drift, the drift information will be populated in the Approval step and "Resources" Tab