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Add a new software component to the catalog

You can register any new software component with the software catalog by creating a catalog-info.yaml file in your Git repository and then registering its URL.

Create a new catalog-info.yaml

  1. If you want to register an existing software component, navigate to its repository. If it is a mono-repo, navigate to its directory and create a catalog-info.yaml at the root of the directory. The file can technically live anywhere (for example, .harness/catalog-info.yaml). You can use the following YAML code:
kind: Component
name: my-new-service
description: Description of my new service
annotations: <sample-service-integration-key>
- java
- url:
title: Admin Dashboard
icon: dashboard
type: admin-dashboard
type: service
lifecycle: production
owner: team-a
system: project-x

Following are the key fields that you must update:

  • This should be a unique name for your component. Usually, it is the name of the service.
  • metadata.description - A description for your new component.
  • spec.type - The new software component could be a service, library, website, or any other type.
  • spec.owner - The user group identifier of the team that owns the component.
  1. Once the file is created in your Git repo, copy the full URL to the file. For example,

  2. In the left navigation, select Create, and then select Register Software Component.

  3. Enter the URL to your new catalog-info.yaml.

  4. Select Import.

The new component will be available in your catalog.