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GitHub Actions

Plugin details
Created bySpotify
TypeOpen-source plugin


Application configuration YAML

No action required

This plugin does not require you to add application configuration.


This plugin requires the user to log in using the configured GitHub OAuth application. Make sure that you have a GitHub OAuth application created and configured in IDP. For instructions to configure a GitHub OAuth app, go to OAuth support for plugins.

Delegate proxy

No action required

This plugin does not require a delegate proxy to be set up because GitHub is publicly accessible.


This plugin exports a UI tab that you can use as a new CI/CD tab for a service or for any other layout page. Go to Admin > Layout, select Service in the dropdown menu, and then add the following YAML code in the CI/CD section:

- name: ci-cd
path: /ci-cd
title: CI/CD
- component: EntitySwitch
- if: isGithubActionsAvailable
component: EntityGithubActionsContent
- content:
component: EmptyState
title: No CI/CD available for this entity
missing: info
description: You need to add an annotation to your component if you want to enable CI/CD for it. You can read more about annotations in Backstage by clicking the button below.

The isGithubActionsAvailable condition is met when the annotation is present in the software components's catalog-info.yaml definition file.


If the catalog-info.yaml descriptor file for the component is stored in GitHub, the is automatically added as the org/repo where the file is stored, as follows. However, you can manually configure or override this setting:

annotations: org/repo


The plugin is owned by Spotify and managed in the Backstage repository as an open-source project. Create a GitHub issue to report bugs or suggest new features for the plugin.