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What's supported in Harness IDP

Harness Internal Developer Portal integrates with a number of third-party providers to provide a single pane of glass for developers.

Plugins for IDP

Harness IDP supports a number of plugins to integrate the software catalog with third-party providers. Please find the growing list of supported plugins. This is a subset of the Backstage plugin marketplace.

Git providers that IDP supports

Any software component can be registered in the catalog by using a YAML file stored in the following Git providers:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • Azure Repos

Backstage doesn't support SSH auth type for integrations, hence only HTTP connection is supported for all the git provider based connectors in IDP

CI/CD providers that IDP supports

Harness IDP is agnostic to your CI/CD provider and works with tools such as GitLab, CircleCI, and GitHub Actions. You can use Harness CI/CD for a better out-of-the-box experience but it's not required.

For information about what's supported for other Harness modules and the Harness Platform overall, refer to Supported platforms and technologies.


Harness IDP requires some secrets to be set for plugins and external integrations to work. We only support secrets stored in the Harness secret manager.

Template Actions to Trigger Harness Pipeline