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Docker Connector Settings Reference

This topic provides settings and permissions for the Docker connector.

Important notes
  • Docker registry rate limits: Harness is restricted by the limits of the Docker repo, such as Docker Hub limits for pulling Docker images from Docker repos.
  • Docker Registries in Cloud Platforms: The Docker connector is platform-agnostic and can be used to connect to any Docker container registry. Harness also provides first class support for registries in AWS and GCR through AWS connectors and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) connectors.

Create a Docker connector

  1. In Harness, go to the module and project where you want to create the connector, and select Connectors (under Project Setup). You can also create connectors at the account level.
  2. Select New Connector, and then select Docker Registry.
  3. Configure the Docker connector settings as described in the sections below.
  4. Select Save and Continue, wait for the connectivity test to run, and then select Finish.
  5. In the list of connectors, make a note of your Docker connector's ID. Use the ID in your pipeline YAML, such as connectorRef: docker_connector_ID.

Connector metadata settings

  • Name: Enter a name for this connector. Harness creates and Id (Entity Identifier) based on the name.
  • Description: Optional text string.
  • Tags: Optional. Go to the Tags reference.

Docker Registry URL

The URL of the Docker registry. This is usually the URL used for your docker login credentials.

To connect to a public Docker registry like Docker Hub, use

To connect to a private Docker registry, use

Provider type

Select the Docker registry platform, such as Docker Hub, Harbor, Quay, and so on.


You can authenticate anonymously or by username and password.

  • Username: Enter the username for your Docker registry account.
  • Password: In your Docker registry, create a personal access token with Read, Write, Delete permissions. Then, create a Harness secret for your Docker registry personal access token.
Docker registry permissions

Make sure the connected user account has read permission for all repositories as well as access and permissions to pull images and list images and tags.

For more information, go to the Docker documentation on Docker Permissions.

Select connectivity mode

You can connect through a delegate or the Harness Platform. If you plan to use this connector with Harness Cloud build infrastructure, you must select Connect through Harness Platform.