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Docker Connector Settings Reference

This topic provides settings and permissions for the Docker Connector.

Docker Registries in Cloud Platforms

The Docker Connector is platform-agnostic and can be used to connect to any Docker container registry, but Harness provides first class support for registries in AWS and GCR.


Docker Registry Permissions Required

Make sure the connected user account has the following permissions.

  • Read permission for all repositories.

The user needs access and permissions to the following:

  • List images and tags
  • Pull images

See Docker Permissions.

If you are using anonymous access to a Docker registry for a Kubernetes deployment, then imagePullSecrets should be removed from the container specification. This is standard Kubernetes behavior and not related to Harness specifically.


The unique name for this Connector.


See Entity Identifier Reference.


Text string.


See Tags Reference.

Docker Registry URL

The URL of the Docker Registry. This is usually the URL used for your docker login credentials.

To connect to a public Docker registry like Docker Hub, use

To connect to a private Docker registry, use

Provider Type

The Docker registry platform that you want to connect. Some examples:

  • DockerHub
  • Harbor
  • Quay


You can authenticate using username and password, or select anonymous.


The username and password for the Docker registry account.

The password uses a Harness Encrypted Text secret.