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Use dashboard actions

This topic describes how to use different dashboard actions. The document uses AWS Cost Dashboard as an example. You can use Dashboard actions in the same way for other By Harness Dashboards too. For example, GCP Cost Dashboard, Azure Cost Dashboard, Cluster Cost Dashboard, and so on.

Step: Use Dashboard Actions

Perform the following steps to use Dashboard actions:

  1. In Harness, click Dashboards.
  2. In All Dashboards, select By Harness and click AWS Cost Dashboard.
  3. In AWS Cost Dashboard, click Dashboard actions (3-dot menu to the right of the filter button).

Dashboard Action options

DownloadDownloads the dashboard in PDF or CSV format. See Download Dashboard Data.
Reset filtersResets the filter to its default value. By default, AWS Cost Dashboard displays the last 30 days' data.
Each tile's time zone

Updates the time zone of the dashboard. The time zone applied to your dashboard can affect the results shown, because of slight differences in the exact hours used for time-based data. If you are interested in the data as it applies to a different region, change the time zone of your dashboard to reflect that region.

You can choose one of the following options:

  • Choose Each tile’s time zone to run all tiles in the time zone in which they were saved.
  • Choose Viewer time zone to run all tiles in the time zone selected in your account settings.
  • Choose any of the time zones listed in the drop-down to run all tiles in that time zone.
After you select your time zone, click Update in the dashboard time zone window; the dashboard will update for the new time zone.Once you navigate away from the dashboard, the dashboard will return to its default time zone setting.