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Install a delegate with third-party tool custom binaries

Harness delegates include binaries for the third-party SDKs that are required for Harness-supported integrations including Kubernetes, Helm, and so on. The binaries are listed below in Table: Certified SDK Versions for Deployment Types.

Harness includes multiple binary versions to support customers using code that requires versions other than the latest.


Older binary versions might include minor vulnerabilities that are detected in vulnerability scans. You might want to avoid vulnerabilities by selecting the binary versions you install.

You might also want to install tools that Harness does not include.


To support this customization, Harness provides a delegate image that does not include any third-party SDK binaries. We call this image the No Tools Image.

Using the No Tools Image and delegate YAML, you can install the specific SDK versions you want. You install software on the Delegate using the INIT_SCRIPT environment variable in the delegate YAML.

This topic explains how to use the No Tools delegate image and install specific SDK versions.

Required SDKs for Harness

If you use the No Tools Image, you must install certain SDKs so that Harness can perform its tasks. These SDKs are covered in this topic and listed below in Table: Certified SDK Versions for Deployment Types.

Step 1: Edit delegate YAML

To install a delegate, you download its YAML file and run it in your environment.

Before you run the delegate, you edit the YAML file to change the following:

  • Delegate environment variables
  • Delegate image

These steps are below.

Step 2: Add Harness-required SDKs

In the delegate container spec, use the INIT_SCRIPT environment variable to download the certified SDK versions required by Harness.

The SDKs you need to add depend on what type of deployment you are doing with Harness.

For more information on how to use the INIT_SCRIPT environment variable, see Run Initialization Scripts on Delegates.

Table: Certified SDK versions for deployment types

The following table lists each of the certified SDKs for each deployment type.

You must add the certified SDKs for your deployment type. Harness requires these tools to perform tasks.

Kubernetes deployments

For Kubernetes deployments, include the SDKs and tools that your manifest type requires.

Manifest TypeRequired Tool/SDKCertified VersionInstallation Command
Kuberneteskubectlv1.24.3## Kubectl curl -LO -o kubectl chmod +x ./kubectl mv kubectl /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kubectl
go-templatev0.4.1## go-template mkdir -p /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/go-template/v0.4.1/curl -L -o go-templatechmod +x ./go-templatemv go-template /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/go-template/v0.4.1/go-template
Helmkubectlv1.24.3## Kubectlcurl -LO -o kubectlchmod +x ./kubectlmv kubectl /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kubectl
helmv3.9.2## Helm V3curl -L0 -o helm-v3.9.2.tar.gztar -xvzf helm-v3.9.2.tar.gzchmod +x ./linux-amd64/helmmv ./linux-amd64/helm /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/helm3
Helm (chart is stored in GCS or S3)kubectlv1.24.3## Kubectlcurl -LO -o kubectlchmod +x ./kubectlmv kubectl /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kubectl
helmv3.9.2## Helm V3curl -L0 -o helm-v3.9.2.tar.gztar -xvzf helm-v3.9.2.tar.gzchmod +x ./linux-amd64/helmmv ./linux-amd64/helm /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/helm3
chartmuseumv0.8.2 and v0.12.0## Install default chartmuseum version from Harness CDNcurl -L -o chartmuseumchmod +x ./chartmuseummv chartmuseum /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/chartmuseum/v0.8.2/chartmuseum## Install newer version of chartmuseum versiom from Harness CDN## To use this version USE_LATEST_CHARTMUSEUM_VERSION should be enabledcurl -L -o chartmuseumchmod +x ./chartmuseummv chartmuseum /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/chartmuseum/v0.12.0/chartmuseum## Install custom version of chartmuseum from official release## Binary should be moved to one of predefined paths:## /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/chartmuseum/v0.8.2/chartmuseum ## /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/chartmuseum/v0.12.0/chartmuseum [If USE_LATEST_CHARTMUSEUM_VERSION is enabled]curl -L -o chartmuseum-v0.14.tar.gztar xzvf chartmuseum-v0.14.tar.gzchmod +x ./linux-amd64/chartmuseummv ./linux-amd64/chartmuseum /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/chartmuseum/v0.8.2/chartmuseum
Kustomizekubectlv1.24.3## Kubectlcurl -LO -o kubectlchmod +x ./kubectlmv kubectl /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kubectl
kustomizev4.5.4## kustomizecurl -L0 -o kustomize_v4.5.4.tar.gztar -xvzf kustomize_v4.5.4.tar.gzchmod +x ./kustomizemv kustomize /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kustomize
OpenShiftkubectlv1.24.3## kubectlcurl -LO -o kubectlchmod +x ./kubectlmv kubectl /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kubectl
ocv4## OpenShift OCcurl -L0 -o oc.tar.gztar -xvzf oc.tar.gzchmod +x ./ocmv oc /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/oc
Terraformterraform-config-inspectv.1.0## terraform-config-inspect v1.0mkdir -p /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/tf-config-inspect/v1.0/curl -L -o terraform-config-inspectchmod +x ./terraform-config-inspectmv terraform-config-inspect /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/tf-config-inspect/v1.0/terraform-config-inspect
v.1.1## terraform-config-inspect v1.1mkdir -p /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/tf-config-inspect/v1.1/curl -L -o terraform-config-inspectchmod +x ./terraform-config-inspectmv terraform-config-inspect /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/tf-config-inspect/v1.1/terraform-config-inspect
WinRmharness-pywinrmv0.4-dev## This library is available for download in CDN
Native Helm deployments

For Native Helm deployments, include the following SDKs/tools.

Manifest TypeRequired Tool/SDKCertified VersionInstallation Command
Helm Charthelmv3.9.2## Helm V3curl -L0 -o helm-v3.9.2.tar.gztar -xvzf helm-v3.9.2.tar.gzchmod +x ./linux-amd64/helmmv ./linux-amd64/helm /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/helm3
kubectlRequired if Kubernetes version is 1.16+.v1.24.3## Kubectlcurl -LO -o kubectlchmod +x ./kubectlmv kubectl /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kubectl
SCM Required if OPTIMIZED_GIT_FETCH_FILES Feature Flag is Enabled

Harness performs a git clone to fetch files. If the fetch is timing out, it can be because the repo is too large for the network connection to fetch it before timing out.

To fetch very large repos, Harness can enable the feature flag OPTIMIZED_GIT_FETCH_FILES on your account. When this feature flag is enabled, Harness will use provider-specific APIs to improve performance.

If you have enabled this feature flag, then your delegate YAML must include the following download.

## scm  
mkdir -p /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/scm/36d92fd8/
curl -L -o scm
chmod +x ./scm
mv scm /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/scm/36d92fd8/scm

Contact Harness Support to enable the feature.

Example of Kubernetes delegate manifest with required SDK downloads

The following delegate YAML contains examples of downloads for all Harness SDKs.

You can edit the YAML to include only the SDKs and versions Harness requires for your deployment type.

fieldPath: metadata.namespace
value: |
mkdir -p /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/
mkdir -p /opt/harness-delegate/download-tools/
cd /opt/harness-delegate/download-tools

## Kubectl
curl -L0 -o kubectl
chmod +x ./kubectl
mv kubectl /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kubectl

## Helm V3
curl -L0 -o helm-v3.9.2.tar.gz
tar -xvzf helm-v3.9.2.tar.gz
chmod +x ./linux-amd64/helm
mv ./linux-amd64/helm /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/helm3

## Kustomize
curl -L0 -o kustomize_v4.5.4.tar.gz
tar -xvzf kustomize_v4.5.4.tar.gz
chmod +x ./kustomize
mv kustomize /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kustomize

## OpenShift OC
curl -L0 -o oc.tar.gz
tar -xvzf oc.tar.gz
chmod +x ./oc
mv oc /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/oc

## go-template
mkdir -p /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/go-template/v0.4.1/
curl -L0 -o go-template
chmod +x ./go-template
mv go-template /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/go-template/v0.4.1/go-template

## scm
mkdir -p /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/scm/36d92fd8/
curl -L0 -o scm
chmod +x ./scm
mv scm /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/scm/36d92fd8/scm

## Replace default version of chartmuseum v0.12.0 with v0.14
## USE_LATEST_CHARTMUSEUM_VERSION is enabled for account
curl -L -o chartmuseum-v0.14.tar.gz
tar xzvf chartmuseum-v0.14.tar.gz
chmod +x ./linux-amd64/chartmuseum
mv ./linux-amd64/chartmuseum /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/chartmuseum/v0.12.0/chartmuseum

cd /opt/harness-delegate

Step 3: Disable default SDK downloads

In the delegate container spec, add the following environment variables to prevent the delegate from downloading the default SDK binary versions.

value: "false"
value: "true"

Step 4: Add your custom tools

In the delegate container spec, use the INIT_SCRIPT environment variable to download any additional tools you want to add.

Step 5: Update environment variables for common tools

You can set up custom paths to certain third-party binaries using environment variables.

ToolEnvironment Variable Name
Helm v2HELM_PATHIf you are performing a Native Helm deployment, do not use HELM_PATH for the Helm 2 binary. Harness requires the Helm 2 binary on the delegate in its standard path, for example: /usr/local/bin/helm.
OpenShift (OC)OC_PATH

The following example uses these environment variables:

- name: HELM3_PATH
value: /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/helm
value: /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kustomize
value: /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/kubectl
- name: OC_PATH
value: /opt/harness-delegate/custom-client-tools/oc

Step 6: Update delegate image with 'no tools' image tag

In the delegate container spec, edit the image to use the ubi-no-tools tag.

- image: harness/delegate:ubi-no-tools
imagePullPolicy: Always

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