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Searching the Console View

Pipeline executions can be viewed in Console View and you can quickly search the logs for each step.

Before you begin

Before you can search execution logs, you need to run a Pipeline. See Quickstarts to set up and run a Pipeline in minutes.

Step: Search the Execution Step Logs

In the Pipeline execution, click Console View.

In the Console View of an execution, click the step you want to search.

Enter Cmd + f (Mac), Ctrl + f (Windows).

You can also click the search icon.

The search appears.

Type in your search query and the results are highlighted immediately.

Option: Console Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the following shortcuts to search the log (these are Mac example, just substitute Ctrl for Cmd for Windows):

  • Up to go up or go to the next search result.
  • Down to go down or go to the previous search result.
  • Enter to go to the next search result.
  • Esc to cancel search.