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Output variables in STO pipeline executions

When a scan step finishes successfully, it generates the following output variables for the number of issues detected for each severity level:

  • HIGH
  • LOW
  • IGNORED — The number of issues that were detected but ignored due to exemptions

Scan steps also generate a set of "new" variables you can use to determine the next stage of your pipeline. These variables show the number of new issues detected in the current scan compared to the last scan. If this is the first scan for the target, these variables reflect new issues compared to the baseline. You can use these variables to determine the next stage of your pipeline:

  • NEW_UNASSIGNED (Reserved for future use)

To view the output variables for a scan, go to the Pipeline Execution page, select the scan step, and click Output.

output variables for a scan


If a scan step fails because the Fail on Severity threshold was reached, the build results do not include any output variables.

For information about how severity levels are calculated, go to Severities.