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Aqua Trivy Scanner Reference

You can set up a Security step with Aqua Trivy to detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your container images.

Important Notes

  • STO supports container scans only with Aqua Trivy.

Scan types

STO supports the following policy_type settings for Aqua-Trivy:

  • orchestratedScan  — A Security step in the pipeline runs the scan and ingests the results. This is the easiest to set up and supports scans with default or predefined settings.
  • ingestionOnly — Run the scan in a Run step, or outside the pipeline, and then ingest the results. This is useful for advanced workflows that address specific security needs. See Ingest scan results into an STO pipeline.

Required Settings

  • product_name = aqua-trivy
  • scan_type = containerImage
  • product_config_name — Specify one of the following:
    • aqua-trivy — Run the Trivy image scanner with default settings.
    • aqua-trivy-debug — Run the Trivy image scanner in Debug mode.
  • container_domain — The image registry domain, for example
  • container_project — The image owner and project, for example harness/delegate
  • container_tag — The tag of the image to scan, for example latest
  • container_type — Set to local_imagedocker_v2jfrog_artifactory, or aws_ecr

The following settings are also required, depending on the container type:

  • if container_type = docker_v2
    • container_access_id: Username
    • container_access_token: Password/Token
  • if container_type = aws_ecr
    • container_access_id: Username
    • container_access_token: Password/Token
    • container_region: Image registry AWS region
  • if container_type = jfrog_artifactory
    • container_access_id: Username
    • container_access_token: Password/Token