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Getting started with Self-Managed Enterprise Edition

This document provides the basics on how to create a Harness account and first project. These are the first tasks that come after installing Self-Managed Enterprise Edition.

For links to information about using CI and CD pipelines, as well as the basics on Security Testing Orchestration (STO), see the last section of this documentation.

Create your Harness account

You create your Harness account the first time you use Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition. You are automatically assigned the Harness user role, Account Admin.

To create your Harness account

  1. On the Harness Sign up page, enter your email address and a secure password.

  2. Click Sign up.

    After your account is created, you arrive at the Continuous Delivery start page.

Create your first project

It takes time to learn how to create complex CI/CD pipelines. You can start with opening a project and inviting collaborators. 

To create a project

  1. From the Continuous Delivery start page, click Create Project.

  2. In Invite Collaborators, type of the names of the collaborators you want to invite.

  3. Enter the project name, and optionally enter a description and tags for your project.

  4. Click Setup Later.

Next steps

To get started with creating pipelines and Helm-based installs in Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition, see Harness Docs: