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SEI GitHub Enterprise integration

GitHub Enterprise is a self-hosted, on-premises version of GitHub.

It provides organizations with the tools and features of GitHub, but allows them to host and manage their repositories and collaboration tools within their own infrastructure for enhanced security and control.

Use the SEI Github Enterprise integration to integrate SEI with Github Enterprise.


The 202401.2 release included a new experience for the GitHub integration, focused on simplifying and streamlining the user journey. The feature is currently in BETA. To learn more, go to GitHub 2.0

Configure the authentication

SEI communicates with Github Enterprise by setting up authentication using a Personal Access Token (PAT). you must create a GitHub personal access token to configure the SEI GitHub integration. To learn more on this, Go to Configuring the authentication.

Configure the integration

  1. Select Integrations under Settings.
  2. Select Available Integrations, locate the GitHub Enterprise integration.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Add the Username & paste the Personal Access Token as the value for the PAT field. (Note: You can add multiple PATs for the same integration)
  5. In the URL field, add the URL where your GitHub repository is deployed.
  6. Select repositories to associate with the integration or select Ingest All Repos to associate all current and future repos in your GitHub organization.
  7. If applicable, configure Additional Options:
    1. Fetch PRs: Allow SEI to ingest PR data from GitHub.
    2. Fetch Issues: Allow SEI to ingest data from GitHub Issues.
    3. Fetch Projects: Allow SEI to ingest data from GitHub Projects.
    4. Fetch Commits: Allow SEI to ingest commit metadata from GitHub.
    5. Fetch Commit Files: Allow SEI to ingest data within commits from GitHub.
  8. In Integration Name, enter a name for the integration.
  9. Finish configuration and Save the integration.