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Create SSCA policies

With Harness SSCA, you can define and enforce policies governing the use of open-source components within your software artifacts. This policy management and enforcement capability helps you ensure compliance with your security, legal, and operational requirements.

You must create a policy file containing the rules (policy definitions) that you want Harness SSCA to enforce. Create SSCA policy files in the Harness File Store.

  1. In your Harness Project, go to File Store under Project Setup. You can also create policies at the Account and Org scopes.
  2. Select New, and then select New File.
  3. Enter a Name, and then select Manifest for File Usage.
  4. Enter the policy definitions in the text editor, and then select Save.

When you enforce SSCA policies in a Harness pipeline, the policy definitions are evaluated against each component in the artifact's SBOM.


For an end-to-end walkthrough, try this tutorial: Generate SBOM and enforce policies.