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Why Am I Getting “Kaniko container runtime error” While Pushing Images To Docker Registry?


Harness CI


  • Infrastructure - Kubernetes
  • OS: Linux


While building and pushing an image to the docker registry, one can encounter the following error:


The resolution is to add an environment stage variable named “container” with a value “docker”. Follow these simple steps to do add a stage variable:

  • Navigate to Variable on the left side of the pipeline studio.You can refer to the below screenshot for the reference.

  • Go to the stage where the Build and Push an Image to Docker Registry step is added.

  • Go to stage variable -> Add variable.

  • Write variable name as container and type will be string and then select Save.

  • Give the value of the variable as docker.

  • Click on Apply Changes.

Diagnostic Step

1 info 01/11/2022 13:06:02 + /kaniko/executor --dockerfile=Dockerfile --context=dir://. --destination=**************/pythonsample:latest --snapshotMode=redo --digest-file=/kaniko/digest-file
2 info 01/11/2022 13:06:02 kaniko should only be run inside of a container, run with the --force flag if you are sure you want to continue
3 info 01/11/2022 13:06:02 exit status 1