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Internal Developer Portal release notes

Review the notes below for details about recent changes to Harness Internal Developer Portal.

About Harness Release Notes
  • Progressive deployment: Harness deploys changes to Harness SaaS clusters on a progressive basis. This means that the features described in these release notes may not be immediately available in your cluster. To identify the cluster that hosts your account, go to your Account Overview page in Harness. In the new UI, go to Account Settings, Account Details, General, Account Details, and then Platform Service Versions.
  • Security advisories: Harness publishes security advisories for every release. Go to the Harness Trust Center to request access to the security advisories.
  • More release notes: Go to Harness Release Notes to explore all Harness release notes, including module, delegate, Self-Managed Enterprise Edition, and FirstGen release notes.

November 2023

Version 0.15.0

Since last release, we have released some interesting docs and video tutorials to help you get started with Harness IDP:

New features and enhancements

  • The new overview pages for Scorecards and Checks have API support added to it.[IDP-1482]
  • Added support for two new Plugins OpsGenie and Datadog Plugin.[IDP-1662][IDP-1351]
  • We have released a new Harness Service Reliability Backstage Plugin, that tracks the SLOs and Error Budgets for monitored services in Harness SRM module

Fixed Issues

  • Improved error scenario Handling in HarnessProcessor, with removal of irrelevant raw error metadata. [IDP-1663]
  • Resolved the error related to creation of a new check having the same name as a deleted check. [IDP-1450]

Version 0.14.0

Backstagecon & Kubecon is round the corner, consider catching up with Harness' team in the event at Booth B15. Also here’s a sneak peak of what’s happening in this year's edition of the event. Here’s some of the content updates.

New features and enhancements

  • We've introduced more explicit error messages when removing secrets to ensure users are fully aware and cautious of this action. [IDP-1520]
  • Backstage, powering the IDP platform has been upgraded to v1.17, take a look at the release notes to find out the updates in this version.[IDP-1179]

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed text overflows on the “Create Scorecards” page. [IDP-1417]
  • Fixed page navigation for IDP get-started page by adding the exit icon. [IDP-1524]

October 2023

Version 0.13.0

Post-public preview, we've taken your genius tips and mixed them into the Internal Developer Portal. Also, we've fixed a few bugs along the way. Dive in and see what's new! But before that here are some links of recently released tutorials and docs to help you get started with IDP.

New features and enhancements

  • Scorecards now support additional data points for GitHub data source, to support advanced GitHub Security features and GitHub Actions [IDP-1408]

    • Advanced GitHub Security
      • Open Dependabot Pull Requests
      • Code Scanning
      • Security Scanning

    • GitHub Actions
      • Workflow Count
      • Successful Workflows
      • Time to complete Workflows
    • Other
      • Number of open pull requests by author
  • Improved Error message for DSL response to handle multiple input values [IDP-1410]

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed connector selection issue in the onboarding wizard. [IDP-1363]
  • Fixed the Operator for Jira Default Expression as jira.issuesCount > 5 in Jira Plugin.[IDP-1357]
  • Fixed Datapoint identifier mismatch[IDP-1152]

Version 0.12.0

IDP has now graduated from Beta into Public Preview. During Unscripted in September, we made a series of announcements. Here are some quick links for your recap.

New features and enhancements

  • Scorecards are now launched for everyone. It contains several data sources and data points within the framework. There are default checks for you to use. You can create custom checks as well. Read more, Watch this video tutorial to know more.
  • Backstage is now upgraded to v1.16.
  • EntityRelationWarning is now available to be used in Layout. You can add this in your layout so that a warning alert is displayed if the entity has relations to other entities, which don't exist in the catalog. See example. [IDP-993]
- component: EntityRelationWarning
  • New Plugins support available in IDP
    • Grafana - Associate alerts and dashboards to components. Read more here [IDP-915]
    • SonarQube - Components to display code quality metrics from SonarCloud and SonarQube. Read more here [IDP-1249]
  • Every plugin page now has a plugin docs available. [IDP-923]

Fixed Issues

  • Improved Error message when pipeline is configured wrong in IDP Software Templates. [IDP-1230]

September 2023

Version 0.8.0

New features and enhancements

  • IDP now includes the GitHub Catalog Discovery plugin. You can use this to automatically discover catalog-info.yaml files from your GitHub organizations and repositories. [IDP-887]

  • The following UI pickers are now available for use in software templates:

    • HarnessOrgPicker
    • HarnessProjectPicker

    You can use these UI pickers in service onboarding workflows for developers to easily select a Harness project and organization. Take a look at this example. [IDP-868]

July 2023

Version 0.7.0

What's new

  • IDP now includes the Confluence search plugin to include results from Confluence spaces. To learn more, go to the plugin documentation. (IDP-845)
  • The harness:create-secret and harness:delete-secret template actions are now available for use in IDP software templates. You can use these actions to receive a secret from a developer, create a Harness secret, and then use it as a pipeline variable to provide runtime input. For more information, go to the tutorial (IDP-780)
  • The interval at which IDP polls Git repositories associated with the software catalog has increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. (IDP-749)

Fixed issues

  • When you used a delegate to connect to a Git provider, the Docs tab failed to load, and the following message was displayed: Failed to build the docs page: TAR_BAD_ARCHIVE: Unrecognized archive format. (IDP-687)

    This issue is now fixed.

  • If you used a GitHub connector that used a Github App for API authentication and if the private key was a text secret, the catalog import in IDP failed. The failure was caused by Harness Secrets Manager not storing the specified private key with line breaks, which IDP expects along with proper indentation. (IDP-850, ZD-47845)

    Harness Secrets Manager now formats text secrets properly for text secrets used with IDP.

Version 0.6.0

What's new

  • You can now access IDP catalog APIs by using the Harness X-API-Key. For more information, go to API access. (IDP-768)
  • A newer version of the Harness CI/CD plugin has been added with new annotations support. It's now possible to filter pipelines across projects and orgs. For more information, go to the plugin's readme. (IDP-758)
  • The Harness Feature Flags plugin is now available in IDP. (IDP-778)
  • The trigger:harness-custom-pipeline action on the software template template.yaml is now synchronous with pipeline execution. The action keeps running during pipeline execution, and it shows the current status of the pipeline.
  • Since the trigger:harness-custom-pipeline is now synchronous, you can use the catalog:register action in a template and register the newly generated software component's catalog-info.yaml.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed a bug with access control around de-registering a software component. (IDP-757)

June 2023

Version 0.5.0

What's new

  • The Backstage version has been upgraded to 1.14. (IDP-632)
  • The following GitHub-based plugins are now available in IDP:
  • IDP now includes support for GitHub and Google OAuth applications. You can configure a GitHub or Google OAuth application in the IDP Admin view. These applications are used by the GitHub-based plugins to use the logged-in user's credentials when making API requests. (IDP-676, IDP-661, IDP-647)
  • IDP now supports a URL allowlist. If the catalog-info.yaml references API definitions that are hosted on a provider other than your Git provider, add the URL to the allowlist. (IDP-648)

Fixed issues

  • Improvements have been made to reduce the time required for onboarding to the IDP module. (IDP-649)