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End-to-End Pipeline

Harness CI/CD provides an automated End-to-End Software Delivery Pipeline. It integrates code, automates deployments, uses machine learning for release validation, offers automated rollbacks, verifies software across environments, and delivers deployment analytics, ensuring efficient and reliable software delivery.

Watch the following video, In this, we unpack the crucial steps to build a streamlined software delivery pipeline that ensures swift and reliable releases. From initial build phase to deploying to development, and from quality assurance deployments to final approvals, we cover it all!

Pipeline Stages Covered:

Build: Crafting quality code with efficiency and precision.

Deploy to Dev: Initial deployment to the development environment for preliminary testing and tweaks.

Deploy to QA: Moving the code to QA for meticulous testing and quality assurance checks.

Approval: Securing the green light from all stakeholders to proceed to the final stage.

Deploy to Prod: The final leap where the polished and refined code gets deployed to the production environment.

Here is the GitHub repository for the pipeline YAML which we used in this video.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, gaining insights into an efficient software delivery pipeline is crucial. Through this video, you'll garner valuable knowledge and tips to enhance your software delivery processes and ensure your deployments are seamless and trouble-free!