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This tutorial focuses on how to notify users of different pipeline events using popular notification methods.

Before you begin

  • Before you start this tutorial, you need to have a Harness CD pipeline with active delegates and connectors. Please follow this tutorial to get started with Harness Continuous Delivery (CD). The tutorial below uses the Harness resources created as part of the get started tutorial.

  • Harness User Group: This tutorial uses Harness user groups to manage user access. Create a user group named notification-demo at the account level, and add yourself as a user.

Get Started with Notifications

  1. Select the Notify icon on the right side of the Harness pipeline studio.
  2. In New Notification, add a name for your notification.
  3. In Pipeline Events, select the events (pipeline or stages) that will trigger the notification.
  4. For stage-based events, select the stage name that you want to trigger the notification and click Next.
  1. In Notification Method, select Email.
  2. For email notifications, simply type in the email addresses that you want to notify.
    • Enter multiple addresses as a comma-separated list. For example,,
  3. Additionally, use the user group that you created above to receive notifications.
  4. Select Finish and your notification is created.

Now, in the pipeline, select Run. The pipeline executes and you'll receive notifications on the platform you set up.