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Install CD Community Edition

The CD Community Edition (CDCE) is the 100% free, source-available, self-managed edition of Harness CD that is designed for developers to deploy cloud-native services at the fastest velocity possible. Developers can run CDCE on Docker or Kubernetes and then use CDCE to automate deployments to Kubernetes, Serverless Functions and many more deployment platforms. The harness-cd-community repo houses these docker-compose and helm chart installers.


Ensure that you have the Docker runtime installed on your host. If not, use one of the following options to install Docker:

Now, you also need to make sure that you have enough resources to run the CD Community Edition.

  • 2+ CPUs
  • 3GB+ of free memory

If you are also running the Kubernetes embedded in the same Docker Desktop, then additional resources are needed since the embedded Kubernetes also consumes resources.

  • 3+ CPUs
  • 5GB+ of free memory

Finally, since you will be installing delegates at locations different than the machine hosting CDCE Docker app, you will need to make sure that your CDCE Docker app can correctly generate URLs for these remote delegates to talk to. You can do so by setting an environment variable HARNESS_HOST with public IP of the laptop/VM where CDCE Docker cluster is installed. For example:

export HARNESS_HOST=""

If this variable is not set, then the default value of host.docker.internal is used.

Install CDCE on Docker

Now you can install the CDCE by executing the following commands.

git clone
cd harness-cd-community/docker-compose/harness

We can explictly pull the docker images first.

docker compose pull

Now let's start the CD Community Edition.

docker compose up -d

Since multiple microservices need to come up, let's wait for 300 seconds before checking the health of the install.

docker compose run --rm proxy ng-manager:7090 -t 300

Now we can see that all the various microservices are up and runnning.

docker compose ps

Open http://localhost/#/signup (if your browser is running inside the host VM) or http://HARNESS_HOST/#/signup (if your browser is running outside the host VM) and complete the registration form. Now your Harness CDCE account along with the first (admin) user is created. If you have already completed this step, then login to CDCE at http://localhost/#/signin or http://HARNESS_HOST/#/signin.

Note that you can temporarily shut down CDCE if needed and bring it back up using the previous up command.

docker compose down