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HCE Developer certification

This tutorial guides you through registering for the Harness Chaos developer exam certification and completing it.

Before you begin, refer to the Chaos Engineering overview and Run chaos experiments in sandbox.

Obtaining developer certification

The diagram represents the steps involved in obtaining the Harness developer certification.



In the preceding diagram, steps 4 (navigate to and 1 (register for exam) can be interchanged. This means you can attempt the interactive learning first and then move to the questions.

Developer certification exam

  1. Execute the Podtato head application in sandbox before attempting the Harness Chaos Engineering Developer certification exam.

  2. Navigate to University on Harness developer hub or select Go to Harness University.


  3. You can Register for free or sign in.


  4. If you haven't previously registered, click Sign up and enter the details required. Else Sign in.

    sign in

  5. Click Register for exam.

    sign in

  6. Basic connectivity is checked, click Proceed.


  7. Read through the terms and conditions, click Agree and Continue.


  8. Click I am ready to begin.


  9. Choose the options that you think suit the questions the best. At the end, the screen will display a code, with 4 options. Go to the sandbox and enter the code.

    enter code

  10. Once you enter the code, click Generate.

generate code

  1. The code generated on this page is one of the options on the Harness University exam page. Select the code generated for you, and click Submit exam.

enter code

That's it! The screen will determine and display your results. All the best!