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Harness Chaos Engineering powered by LitmusChaos

The chaos engineering module in the Harness platform is powered by the open source CNCF chaos engineering project LitmusChaos. Harness module adds additional features to make the practice of chaos engineering for enterprises easy.

Harness Chaos Engineering Module

Common capabilities with LitmusChaos

Following are the common features between Litmus and Harness Chaos Engineering:

  1. Scalable Platform
  2. Declarative chaos fault archtecture
  3. Kubernetes Chaos Faults
  4. Chaos Faults as CRDs
  5. Chaos Metrics
  6. Chaos Hubs
  7. Chaos infrastructure architecture
  8. Chaos Experiments structure
  9. Scheduling of chaos experiments
  10. Resilience Probes

Additional capabilities

Harness chaos engineering module adds the following additional capabilities:

  1. Kubelet Density Chaos Fault
  2. VMware Chaos Faults
  3. AWS Chaos Faults
  4. GCP Chaos Faults
  5. AZure Chaos Faults
  6. Teaming around Chaos Hubs
  7. Additional Resilience Probes


In addition to the above features, the chaos engineering module has the following integrations in the Harness platform:

  • Harness Continuous Delivery (CD)