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What's supported for Harness Code Repository

The Harness Code Repository module (Code) is a source code management (SCM) tool that fosters developer collaboration and accelerates innovation while keeping security and compliance in mind. Harness Code seamlessly integrates Git-based repositories across your software delivery processes in Harness.

The Harness Code supports these features:

  • Create repositories.
  • Import repositories.
  • Collaborate and develop:
    • Clone repositories to work locally.
    • Commit, branch, and tag directly in the Harness Platform.
  • Create, review, and merge pull requests:
    • Conduct code reviews.
    • Implement status checks.
    • Define merge requirements.
    • Specify merge strategies.
    • Assign code owners and create branch rules.
  • Use Harness Code repositories in your Harness pipelines, and set up triggers to automatically run pipelines based on activity in your Harness Code repositories. You can also use Harness Code Repository with the Harness Git Experience.
  • Configure webhooks to integrate your repositories with third-party applications.
  • Use keyword search to query your code.
  • Get email notifications for PRs and repositories you're affiliated with.
    • You can manage these settings in your user profile.
    • With Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition, notifications require an SMTP configuration.

For information about what's supported for other Harness modules and the Harness Platform overall, go to Supported platforms and technologies.