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Create repositories

Repositories are where your code is stored. When developers make changes to code in a Harness Code repository, those changes are tracked with version control. Harness Code fosters collaboration and governance with code reviews, approvals, status checks, and more.

You can create repositories directly in Harness Code or import repositories from other Git SCM providers.

Create a repository

  1. In the Harness Code module, make sure you are at the scope where you want to create the repository.

    You can create repos at the account, organization, or project scope. For example, a repo created at the account scope is available to the entire account, whereas a repo created at the project scope is limited to that project.

  2. Select Repositories, and then select New Repository.

  3. Enter a repository Name and optional Description.

    Repository names can't contain the following strings:

  4. Harness Code repositories are initialized with a main branch, unless you specify a different name for the base branch. To change the base branch name, select main and enter a name for the base branch.

  5. Select your preference for visibility (Public or Private).

  6. Optionally, you can add a License, .gitignore, or README file to your repository.

  7. Select Create Repository.

Work with repositories

After creating a repository, you can: