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CD certification guide

Harness CD & GitOps is purpose built to automate deployment of your software artifacts, usually generated as output of a Continuous Integration (CI) process, to a target deployment infrastructure. This artifact can be a container image or a serverless function or a traditional monolithic application or a custom format specific to your company. Similarly, the deployment infrastructure can be a Kubernetes cluster, serverless function providers such as AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions or even Virtual Machines running on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or Physical Data Center.

Prerequisite: Complete Harness Platform onboarding

You should review and complete the following prerequisites.

Step 1. Review key CD concepts & supported integrations

Step 2. Create your first CD pipeline

We recommend you use either the Harness UI or the Harness CLI for learning how to create pipelines as well as for creating your first pipeline. Additionally, you should use a Harness-provided sample app here so that you can see how the basic features work. The tutorials below are all based on a sample app. You will onboard your own app in the next step.

Step 3. See advanced CD concepts in action

Now you are ready to learn advanced CD concepts through the following tutorials.

Step 4. Automate onboarding for your own app

We recommend you either use Git Experience, Harness Terraform Provider or the Harness REST API for this step.

Step 5. Add governance guardrails

Step 6. Become a Harness Certified Expert

Developer Certification

This certification is the starting point for evaluating your understanding of Harness CD & GitOps concepts.

Administrator Certification

After completing the Developer Certification, you are now ready to test your skills as a Harness CD & GitOps Administrator through the Administrator certification.

Architect Certification

After completing the Administrator Certification, you are now ready to test your skills as a Harness CD & GitOps Architect through the Architect certification.