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Overrides V2


Currently, this is a beta feature and is behind the feature flag, CDS_SERVICE_OVERRIDES_2_0. Contact Harness Support to enable the feature.

Harness has introduced an enhanced experience for service, environment, and infrastructure overrides in Continuous Delivery (CD). A new page, named Overrides, is added in Deployments. In Overrides, you can define overrides for services, environments, and infrastructures.

Overrides can be defined at project, organization, and account levels.

In Account Settings > Account Resources > Default Settings > Continuous Deployment, set the Enable Service Override V2 to true for the enhanced overrides experience.



For information on overrides V1, go to Services and environments basics.


  • Runtime inputs are not supported for Infrastructure Specific and Service & Infrastructure Specific variables.

Migrating to overrides V2

Currently, Harness migrates the existing override configuration to the new version using back-end APIs. The existing override scope, or scope with all child scopes, are migrated based on your requirements.

Harness anticipates adding a Migrate button in the UI to migrate to the new override configuration in the future.

Video demo

Override types

You can override the following manifest types:

  • Values YAML
  • OpenShift Param
  • Kustomize
  • Helm Repo
  • Tanzu Application Service (TAS) manifest
  • TAS vars
  • TAS AutoScalar

Override service, environment, and infrastructure settings

To override one or more settings for all services, environments, and infrastructures at the project, organization, or account level, do the following.

  1. In Deployments, select your project, and then select Overrides.

  2. Select an override method:

    • Global Environment
    • Service Specific
    • Infrastructure Specific
    • Service & Infrastructure Specific
  3. Select New Override.

  4. Select a project, organization, or account-level override.

  5. In Override Type, select one of the following override types:

    • Variable
    • Manifest
    • Config File
    • Application Settings (applicable to Global Environment override method only)
    • Connection Strings (applicable to Global Environment override method only)
  6. Override the setting.

Override priority

The override priority from top to bottom is:

  1. Infrastructure & Service Specific overrides
  2. Infrastructure Specific overrides
  3. Service Specific overrides
  4. Global Environment overrides

override priority

Overrides defined at project/organization/account levels have the following override priority:

  1. Project
  2. Organization
  3. Account