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Markdown Capabilities

Thanks for checking out the Harness Developer Hub and learning more how to contribute. The HDH is powered by Docusaurus. Can leverage this Markdown File to see the facets of what is possible with Docusaurus's Markdown capabilities in an HDH styled post. Feel free to take a look at this page in raw format on GitHub. We look forward to seeing your creativity!


H2 Heading Can see how different headings look.

H3 Heading

H3 Heading

H4 Heading

H4 Heading

H5 Heading

H5 Heading


1. Row


Details are toggle elements.

As of Late 2023 we have a Set Focus feature that will process which detail the link is on and expand the appropriate section if a detail.

First Level Detail

First Level Detail Heading

Some first level text

Second Level Detail

Second Level Detail Heading

Some second level text


These are called admonitions.


Note text.


Tip text.


Caution text.


Information text.


Danger text.


Tabs can also now have direct query strings in this example as of DS 3.2.1.

e.g deeper linking:

Can see what the tab value ='s then the anchor tab there in combination and for nested tabs can continue. ?pipeline=uicdpipe&gitops-cli-os=windowsgitops&deploymentcli=helmrollingcli#create-a-service-3

As of Late 2023 we have a Set Focus feature that will process which tab the link is on and expand the appropriate section if a detail.

Heading in Tab One

This is an TabItem 1.

Details in Tab One

Header inside Details Tab One

Detail text tab 1.

Code Formatting

Can enable syntax highlighting with these common languages.

console.log("Check out Harness, Today!");


Docusaurus supports Mermaid Diagrams.


In HDH, we provide a few ways to include images. We support the standard Markdown format to include also additional control to re-size.

Standard Include

Harness Atlanta Background

Formattable Include

Can apply what an img tag in HTML would apply.

import harness_atl from './static/atlanta_light.png'
<img src={harness_atl} alt="Harness Atlanta" height = "300" width = "600" />

Harness Atlanta

Can use the DocImage plugin for this.

<DocImage path={require('./static/atlanta_light.png')} />


Videos are great tools to embed. You can embed a video in your Markdown.

<DocVideo src="" />


Software Delivery, made easy!

— Harness


Can include MD files as entire files. Import the asset as a tag then leverage the tag.

import CISignupTip from '/docs/continuous-integration/shared/';
<CISignupTip />

If you don't have a Harness account yet, you can create one for free at


Can leverage the button framework to add a button. Can give the Font Awesome Icon, text, Link, Tooltip, and Size [small, medium, large].

<DocsButton icon = "fa-solid fa-square-rss" text="Subscribe via RSS" link="/release-notes/continuous-integration/rss.xml" tooltip=
"Subscribe to RSS" size="medium"/> />


Similar to the Button Framework, the Pill Framework allows use to place pill tags in the MD. Buttons, unlike Pills, are designed to be clicked and hoovered. Though pills can contain links also.

<DocsTag icon = "fa-solid fa-icons" text="Default" link="/docs/security-testing-orchestration" />
<DocsTag text="Default without icon" link="/docs/security-testing-orchestration" />
<DocsTag backgroundColor= "#ff8ac1" text="With out icon" textColor="#ca136c" />
<DocsTag icon = "fa-solid fa-hand-dots" backgroundColor= "#cbe2f9" textColor="#0b5cad" iconColor="#6938c0" text="Community" link="/docs/security-testing-orchestration" />

Embed Mode

If needing to embed HDH externally, can use the embed request parameter e.g embed=true. Below is an example of an iframe.

<iframe src="" title="HDH Embed Example" height="600" width="940"></iframe>

Iframe Render